Hey Guys!

You might have noticed our prices drop and a slight change to postage costs recently, so for transparency we thought we'd take a moment to explain.

We've previously offered free postage, with the overall costs absorbed into what we advertised, however we've had some customers feedback that they'd like to see the cost split, particularly when purchasing multiple bags. We've listened and done so (at least for now, let's see how it goes), the prices you see now exclude postage which is an additional £1.70 for 1 bag. 

Overall, our pricing remains exactly the same, you won't end up paying any more vs. what you have previously. When we started Jolly Bean Roastery one of the key things we wanted to do was try to keep our own overheads down so we could offer speciality coffee at a fair price, relative to our operating costs - That remains the same and we hope it's reflected in our bag price. 

And for orders of £20 or more, standard rate postage is free.

Any questions, let us know!