Kenya - Ndundu AA


Kenya - Ndundu AA

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Origin:  Kijango, Thika District, Central Province

Varietal: SL28 & 34

Process: Washed

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We've been excited to get this one in. A fantastic Kenyan with an incredibly complex body and upfront hit of pink grapefruit and cherry, with brown sugar nicely rounding things off. 

It's delicious as pour over, with cherry and brown sugar stealing the show, whilst as espresso expect an uplifting kick of pink grapefruit with a refreshingly clean finish.

The coffee comes from the Ndundu Coffee Factory, located in a traditional tea growing area in the Thika District at an altitude of 1898m. It was established in 1980 and rests on 5 acres of land serving the Gachika, Ndundu and Waiganjo villages.

The factory and it's owner, Patrick Kariuki, have also placed real focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. Patrick has initiated a few projects including building 20 waste water soak pits. These soak pits naturally filter waste water from coffee processing, allowing it to soak back into the soil and avoiding any run off into local water supplies.


Please note 1kg will be shipped in two 500g bags to aid eventual freshness.