How is your coffee ethically sourced?

We're very particular about our green bean suppliers and only work with those who have a proven record of working transparently and collaboratively with the farmers who supply their coffee, giving us line of sight to the farm and conditions where our coffee is grown.

When do you roast?

We only roast to order, roasting twice a week, please see our shop homepage for our next roast. 

How is coffee posted?

We post through Royal Mail and try hard to make sure that our packaging is letterbox friendly for individual 225g bags - Although we can't account for all the various letterboxes, we try our best! You should receive your coffee within 3 working days of our dispatch email, which will be on the roast day, or the day after.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes! Please get in touch via our contact page for our most recent offer list and to talk more.

There's a problem with my order

Oh no! Please get in touch with us on our contact page.

Is your coffee light or dark roasted?

We don't roast all beans the same, we try to roast each bean to bring out it's individual characteristics, that may mean a lighter roast, or a medium roast. If you'd like to know more or after a recommendation, it'd be great to say hello, please send a message on our contact page.